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Zero-Click Attacks: Privacy at Risk

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Zero-click attacks are a type of cyberattack where attackers compromise devices without any user interaction. By exploiting vulnerabilities in software or operating systems, they gain unauthorized access or execute malicious code without the user’s knowledge.

The Rise of Zero-Click Attacks:

Zero-click attacks have become increasingly common due to advancements in exploit techniques and the discovery of sophisticated vulnerabilities. While it’s challenging to determine their exact emergence date, they have gained significant attention recently because of their stealthy nature and potential for widespread impact. Researchers and security experts continuously investigate and identify zero-click vulnerabilities in various software and operating systems, contributing to ongoing efforts to enhance security and protect user devices and data.

Recent Zero-Click Events:

Zero-click attacks have targeted popular platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. One noteworthy example is Operation Triangulation, a long-running mobile campaign discovered in 2019. This advanced persistent threat (APT) specifically targets iOS devices using zero-click exploits via the iMessage platform. The attackers send messages with exploit-containing attachments, triggering the vulnerability upon receipt without requiring user interaction. This attack grants the attackers root privileges, giving them complete control over the device and user data. Zero-click attacks are particularly concerning because they can distribute spyware, allowing adversaries to monitor various activities on the compromised device, including WhatsApp messages and voice calls. The attack on the iOS Kernel, fixed in iOS 16.5.1, is particularly alarming as it bypasses several security controls, compromising the device in the broadest and most dangerous way.

Apple’s Response:

In response to zero-click vulnerabilities, Apple promptly released iOS 16.5.1, which addresses two serious security flaws already being exploited in real-life iPhone attacks. Although Apple doesn’t provide detailed information about the fixes or the specific targeted attacks, security researchers from Kaspersky reported their own staff being targeted by a “zero-click” attack that exploited the vulnerabilities in WebKit and the iOS Kernel. By patching these vulnerabilities, Apple aims to mitigate the risks posed by zero-click attacks and enhance the overall security of its devices.


Zero-click attacks pose a significant threat to device security and user privacy. These attacks exploit vulnerabilities without requiring any user interaction, making them difficult to detect and prevent. Recent events, such as Operation Triangulation and the exploitation of iOS vulnerabilities, highlight the urgent need for robust security measures and prompt software updates. It is crucial for individuals to stay informed, follow security best practices, and regularly update their devices to protect against zero-click attacks and other evolving cyber threats.

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