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React 18: New Features and Improvements


React is a JavaScript library known for building fast and interactive web and mobile applications. It’s open-source, component-based, and combines HTML and JavaScript to provide a robust framework for modern app development. React 18, released in March 2022, introduces exciting new features and improvements that enhance its capabilities.

New Features in React 18:

  1. Concurrent Features: React 18 prioritizes application concurrency, aiming to improve performance. It introduces APIs like createRoot, hydrateRoot, renderToPipeableStream, and renderToReadableStream to better manage rendering tasks.
  2. Transitions: This new feature facilitates smooth animations and transitions within React applications, enhancing user experiences during page changes or element transitions.
  3. Suspense on the Server: React 18 extends Suspense to server-side rendering, simplifying data fetching and asynchronous operations, resulting in smoother server-rendered React applications.
  4. Improvements in React 18:

    Automatic Batching: React 18 enhances state management by introducing “Automatic Batching.” It groups state modifications made using event handlers, preventing unnecessary re-renders and improving efficiency.
  5. Better Rendering: React 18 focuses on optimizing rendering processes, making the library more efficient and performant for creating responsive user interfaces.
  6. Performance: React 18 places a strong emphasis on performance improvements, making React applications running on client devices faster and more responsive.
  7. Strict Mode: In React 18, “Strict Mode” is improved. Components are now mounted, unmounted, and remounted with their previous state, enabling instant mounting of previous screens using reusable state and reducing re-rendering.
  8. Deprecation of ReactDOM: React 18 deprecates ReactDOM, signaling a shift in how React applications are built and rendering is managed.
  9. New Hooks: React 18 introduces several new hooks, such as useId, useTransition, useDeferredValue, useSyncExternalStore, and useInsertionEffect, providing developers with more tools for state management and UI development.

Benefits of React 18 over React 17:

One of the key advantages of React 18 is its focus on concurrency. React 18 introduces features that enable React apps to significantly improve their performance on client devices. This emphasis on concurrency is a brand-new concept and sets React 18 apart from its predecessors.

In summary, React 18 introduces significant enhancements, including concurrency, automatic batching, improved rendering, and performance improvements. These updates make it a compelling choice for developers looking to build high-performance web and mobile applications.

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