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Communication 2.0: How AI is Shaping the Future

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers do not have to wait endlessly for someone to pick up the call, nor do they have to explain their issue multiple times. This leads to better service and an enhanced customer experience.
  2. Cost Benefits: AI-based chatbots and tools, once trained and deployed, save costs by reducing the need for a large human workforce. Chatbots can work around the clock without breaks.
  3. Improved Efficiency: AI-based chatbots and tools provide consistent and efficient results 24/7.
  4. Removing the Language Barrier: With natural language processing, language is no longer a barrier. AI-based chatbots and tools can communicate in multiple languages.
  5. Social Media Integration: AI tools integrated with social media allow customers multiple options to connect with companies.
  6. Increased Bandwidth for Human Taskforce: AI tools handle redundant tasks, allowing human workers more bandwidth for other tasks.
  1. Cost of Tools: AI tools come with costs, which can be upfront, subscription-based, or usage-based.
  2. Maintenance: Maintaining these tools requires cost and expertise, including tracking vulnerabilities and performing updates.
  3. Training the Tool: AI tools need to be trained before deployment. They can perform limited and specific tasks based on their training, unlike a human who can be versatile and adaptive.


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