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Mobile Application Development

We provide customized Mobile App Development solutions. Our team of specialists and experts are proficient to develop cross-platform and native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Our process begins with the discovery session where we explore ideas to design your ideal app. Building the app begins thereafter, with your constant feedback flowing in throughout the development process. We ensure continuous progress with minimal downtime.

Web App Design and Development

We specialize in designing and developing world class web applications.

We use cutting edge technologies to design and deliver world class web applications that are easy to use. We ensure that the apps are robust, secure and high performing to ensuring that clients business objectives are achieved.

E-commerce App Development

Our expertise lies in building fully featured online shops with a smooth, secure buying process along with other design and management options as may be required.

We promise to give you the best ecommerce solution that has a great UI/UX, high performance, security and scalability.

UI/UX Design Studio

We have rich experience in crafting beautiful UI / UX designs that meet our customers’ visions and goals. Delivering exceptional UX is not just about being user-centered; it is more about being content-centric. Our UI/UX team includes UX strategists, information architects, visual designers and content strategists who look at the big picture of the envisioned solution to craft innovative design experiences.

Product Development & Strategy

Product Development Strategy is all about the process of taking a boardroom conceptualized idea and transforming it into a digital solution that can be released to customers. This Product Development experience helps us to provide consulting services to our partners. We are highly skilled in understanding the Vision, defining Roadmaps, building GoTo Market Strategy and providing the necessary additional Support.

It has been our privilege to partner with many founders and co-founders with pioneering and innovative Product ideas and helping them realize their dreams. As “Product Co Owner” we are serious about helping our Customers reach their Customers.

Technology Consulting

Every customer must clearly know what they need to develop as their final product. In this process it’s very important to choose the right technology stack that will help in creating world class products in terms of user experience, performance, scale, stability & security.

At Synclovis, we help our customers choose the most appropriate Tech Stack based on their business use case, current technological trends, and the available budget.

With our expertise on end-to-end solutions for both Mobile apps and Web apps developments, in all major key Tech Stacks, we continuously help our customers in bridging their greatest challenge of matching the technology puzzle to their envisioned solutions.

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Creating digital solutions for your business


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