Tau VMs

What is Tau VM’s?

Tau VMs is a new Compute Engine family, optimized for cost-effective performance of scale-out workloads.

T2D, the first instance type in the Tau VM family, is based on 3rd Gen AMD EPYCTM processors and leapfrogs the available VMs for scale-out workloads from any leading public cloud provider, both in terms of performance and workload total cost of ownership.

Some key features:

 T2D VMs will come in predefined VM shapes, with up to 60 vCPUs per VM, and 4 GB of memory per vCPU, and offer up to 32 Gbps networking.

The AMD EPYC processor-based VMs also preserve x86 compatibility.

AMD EPYC processors are built using the Zen 3 architecture, which reduces communication penalties during scale out.

You can add T2D nodes to your GKE clusters.


Where does it fit into our product strategy?

We launched Tau VMs to complement our general purpose VMs and provide what enterprise data centers have always aimed for: the best performance for enterprise workloads at the best price. With T2D, we saw 56% better raw performance over key competitors.


Alternatives of Tau VM’s:

There are several alternatives to Tau VMs that you can consider.

Some of the best open-source alternatives to VMware, which is a similar virtualization software, include VirtualBox, Kernel Virtual Machine, QEMU, Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Parallels Desktop, Portable VirtualBox, VMware ESXi, vSphere, XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V1.
These alternatives offer similar features and capabilities as Tau VMs and can be used for virtualization and cloud computing.

Tau VMs is a new offering from Google Cloud, designed to provide cost-effective performance for scale-out workloads with full x86 compatibility1. They are part of the Compute Engine and offer a leading combination of performance, price, and architecture choice, offering customers the lowest cost solution for scale-out workloads1.

Advantages of Tau VMs over their alternatives include:

Price-performance: Tau VMs deliver up to 42% better price-performance over comparable general-purpose offerings.

Architecture choice: Customers can choose from x86 or Arm-based VMs to meet their workload and business requirements.

Optimized for scale-out workloads: Tau VMs are designed for scale-out workloads such as web servers, containerized microservices, media transcoding, and large-scale Java applications.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) support: GKE supports Tau VMs, helping customers optimize price-performance for their containerized workloads. Customers can run Tau VMs in GKE Autopilot mode for a hands-off experience or on GKE Standard clusters where they manage their own node pools.

These are some of the reasons why customers might choose Tau VMs over other virtualization solutions.

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