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Problem Domain

Our Clients are US based Entrepreneurs who has Hardcore Marketing experience throughout their professional journey. They had a very good idea of leveraging Audience responses through Gamification and entertaining sweepstakes. It was basically inspired from March Madness concept. They wanted to develop game platform to enable players to share their opinions and provide their feedback on favorite things across brands from different categories on Products and Services. This game constitutes multiple rounds where users palying each round selecting their favorite choices until they reach final selection of a single product/brand at the final round. Every users create their own Bracket and they get points for each selected product. The summingup of their points accumulate together with social points and reserves to arrive at the final figure. User wit the most accumulated point is declared as winner and he/she gets Reward gift coupons. user looks at it as entertainment way of choosing the products/brands that you like most and if you are winner you get chance to get your rewards. It helps our client partners (brands) to understand their brand positioning and will become input/feedback for Rebranding strategy.


Our Client has choosen Synclovis as Development partner to plan and execute the MVP 1.0 version. We are fortunate to bag this project with competition from multiple vendors. We got selected becuase we were the only vendor to understand their Business domain very well than competitors. They also liked our Team's Technology expertises and approach towards Product Development. When we started the project we had schedule challenge of completing it in 4 months time. There was specific technical requirement from client to have apps developed using React Native Platform. It was new to us at that time but still we were able to pull the first version in almost 4 months time. This includes developing mobile apps in iPhone and Android phone platforms and Web Admin to manage the brackets, products, Brands, Results and Rewards.Client is very happy with our deliverables both interms of Quality and Timeline. So they have decided to extend engagement with us for phase 2 and journey almost continued for more than 2 years. Client has added more and more registered users month on month, We never faced any issues with performance and availability of the app.


We have identified core modules and started developing to make sure that those modules are delivered and tested by the client. This is to ensure that we have taken care of the critical path in the initial part of the project and also brings credibility and trust in our capabilities to develop such a large platform.

iPhone X Supports

When we were developing the first phase of Bracketopia, iPhone X was a boom in the market at that time. So we decided to adjust and recreate the user interfaces which supports iPhone X. We checked each and every screen in iPhone X to make sure that we are giving a great user experience for the iPhone X users. 

Bracketopia - IphoneX Support

Facebook’s recent policy change & React-Native support

Due to the recent violation issues happened on Facebook, they changed the usage and policy changes for the developers. So we revised all usage and allowed items from facebook app. The React-Native library of Facebook was not well documented for these changes and we finally integrated the required facebook related services by going through the library source code.

Bracket Play

A Tournament play screen from Bracketopia

Facebook’s Audience Network & Ads

When we planned to show Ads in app, initially we tried using Google Admob. But there was no official library or support for React-Native. We integrated the AdMob with a third party AdMob library but were not getting enough ads from AdMob and there were some library issues too. Then we switched to Facebook Audience Network. We synced all facebook services client were using into one business account. Client had a facebook page for the app and another ad account for promotion activities. So we synced the page management, promotion management and monetization management into one business account. We integrated all ad service in React-Native and now we are getting ads in 100% fill rate. Also, the client is able to manage page promotion related ads and app ads separately.

Web Admin

We've designed and developed a Web Admin Dashboard for Bracketopia, using which the admin can handle end to end activites in the Application.

Technologies Used

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