The client had an innovative idea which can transform the way in which appointments are booked in clinics. They wanted to build a platform, which addresses the problem of long waiting time that patients have to go through in the clinics. The proposed solution helps patients to save their time, and clinics to manage the appointments in a most productive manner. Impressed by the capabilities of Synclovis, the client decided to partner with us for the design and development of 2 mobile applications for Patients and Clinics, namely:

Requester App

Using Requester App, patients can instantly register and book appointments with the clinics/ physicians which are nearer to them. The app allows users to book appointments according to their most convenient time slots. In addition, the patients can see the corresponding approximate waiting time, so that they can plan their visits accordingly.

Clinic App

At the same time, Clinic App enables clinics to create the clinic profile, physician profiles, define clinic sessions and to manage the appointments. It helps them to handle the ongoing appointments/ cancel/ reschedule appointments and manage the emergency appointments. Also, the physicians can add their holiday calendars which will help them to manage their appointments better. This solution also gives the clinics/physicians all the needed analytic insights about the appointments, so that they can bring in more effectiveness and productivity, and serve the patients without wasting any time.

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