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Mobile App Development: Challenges you should foresee

Meet Dave!

Dave, an entrepreneur in his mid-30’s had an amazing app development idea. He decided to leap into the project, with great confidence in his idea. Since Dave had some IT background, he managed to set up a small team of developers and started the development. But soon he realised that there are a lot of challenges and pitfalls in his journey, and it is never easy as he thought.

Dave lost a lot of money and time before he had a consultation with the right mobile app development agency with some great experience. After and in-depth discussion, the agency could easily find out the reasons why Dave is struggling with his application development. The experts explained to him about the major challenges and suggested possible solutions. Very soon, Dave was able to roll out his MVP application and move forward with the next versions of the application. Are you an entrepreneur looking at developing a mobile application? Then you should call yourself lucky as you can avoid the loss Dave incurred. Here are the challenges you may face while developing a mobile application, and how you can overcome those:

1. Deciding on what platform the application should be developed

Should I go with a native platform? Or Should I build something on a Hybrid Platform? This can be a concern when you plan to develop a mobile application. When you are looking at developing applications in both Android and iPhone versions, then building a hybrid application (React Native/ Flutter) would be able to help you by saving around 30% of the overall cost. Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Bloomberg, Walmart, Tesla, AirBnB, SoundCloud Pulse and UberEATS are some of the examples that clearly shows how popular and effective React Native has become.

However, if your app depends on platform specific features or logic, native should be the preferred option. For example, if you need to make use of ARKit or WatchOS you must go with native based application development. Also, if there are in-app animations included in the application, native would give a better user experience compared to hybrid ones.

A good mobile app development company can suggest exactly what to choose when it comes to Tech Stack, based on your exact requirements.

2. Building an interface that works in a way the users like

UI/UX is something that you would never want to compromise on. Though a little creativity and artistic taste may help you in developing a good User Interface, User Experience is something that requires user’s point of view to implement perfectly.  So, if you want your app to be likeable, then it is not just the aesthetics that you should take care of, but the overall experience is of great importance.


However, you cannot leave your nicely engineered house unpainted! UI should complement the UX. If you are new into this area, it is better to go with a development company which has a good design studio as well.

3. Managing Architecture, Features and Cost

From Screen Resolution to Processor/ Memory requirement, there are plenty of factors to be considered when the Architecture is determined. Today we have a plethora of models in the market, and you should know where all your app must be running. Also, you need to have a clear picture on factors such as Scalability, Security, and Maintainability.

Today Mobile Apps are not that simple when it comes to the content associated with it. Text, Image, Audio, Video and what not, there may be tons of data that applications should handle each day. Thus, App Content Management is another concern.

While some features can be added to your application at a minimal cost, some other features can turn out very costly. A clear understanding on what actually needs to be included and what may be avoided is something that is necessary to make the application development cost effective.  For Example – Should I include Location based search or In App Purchase? Back end infrastructure cost and Administration cost can also vary when you add complex features.

An experienced development team who takes a Co-Product Owner approach would be able to suggest how you can develop your app in an economical way.

4.Effective communication with the Development Team

Transparent and effective communication is required to make sure that your idea is conveyed in shape to the development team. From the planning and designing stage till rolling out the product, the development team and the product owner should be on the same page.

Synclovis - Mobile App Development Challenges : effective communication

You should definitely evaluate tangible results every 10-15 days to make sure that the communication is proper and the project is moving in the right direction.

If you are assigning development to a good app development company, there will be proven communication systems in place, including weekly sprints and calls, in addition to effective tools to track the project updates.

5. Finding the right agency for designing and development

Different App development firms have different strengths. Some offer low cost, and a few focuses on quality in design and development.

You should definitely speak in detail with experts in an app development company before you make a choice here. You should understand their track record, their level of commitment and the process/approach they follow, rather than just going through their pitch decks.

6. Timely execution

There are different phases in Mobile App Development and you may get stuck in any of those phases.  For Example – One might have a very vague plan and only an agency which can work very closely with the product owner, and understand his/her vision in at most clarity, can help moving further with the project.

Synclovis - Mobile App Development Challenges : timely excution

The process that is being followed by the development team is an important factor that determines the possibility of timely execution.

7. Go to Market Strategy

You might have a great idea, but you may lack knowledge on how to make the dream into action or how to reach your customers effectively. This is one of the biggest challenges one may face.

Synclovis - Mobile App Development Challenges : goto market strategy

If you are new to app development, and need clarity in this area, it is better to go with agencies that can help you with Go to Market strategy in addition to the design and development.

8. Dealing with Corner Cases and making the App Perfect

Before your app goes to your customer, it is always better to deal with as many corner cases as possible. Quality is not just about how your app works in a set of typical situations, but also how well it behaves when some corner cases arise. 

Here you need to engage an agency who focuses on Test Driven Approach and have an excellent quality assurance mechanism in place. If you are able to address the above challenges, it is very likely that you will find success with your app development. However, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider, depending on what you are exactly trying to develop.

This can only be addressed, if you have an in-depth discussion with a mobile app development expert. If you want to have a greater clarity, please visit to book a free app consultation, or write an email to


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