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Why should you outsource your Mobile App Development?

Do you agree to the above words? I think you should definitely concentrate on doing something that you can do the best, on a broader note.

However, there are some specific reasons why you should outsource mobile app development. Let’s have a look at those reasons:

1. Mobile App Development is a different league altogether

You may have technical expertise and some experience in software development/ IT, but that would not guarantee success when it comes to Mobile App Development. There are plenty of challenges and key success factors which are very specific to mobile app development. Deciding on the technology stack itself is something that requires a lot of experience and consideration of several factors. In your app development journey, there may be different places wherein you can get stuck, until and unless you are an expert in mobile apps. To know about the top mobile app development challenges, please read my article Mobile App Development: Challenges that you should foresee.

2. A Mobile App Developer is not enough to get the job done

To realize a world-class mobile application, would require a good team consisting of the following experts

  • Product Manager – Experienced in analyzing requirements, defining the deliverables and prioritizing the development activities
  • Technical/ Cloud Architects – Experts in the architecture of similar sized Mobile Applications that you want to develop
  • UI/UX Designer – Must be experienced and expert in UI/UX design for iOS, and Android Apps of similar type.
  • Mobile App Developer(s) – Must be experienced & expert in developing similar mobile apps on specific technologies that you choose to develop your App (Swift, Objective-C, Android SDK, Kotlin, React Native, or Flutter)
  • API/ Backend Developer(s) – Must be experienced and expert in developing APIs and Backend for similar projects in specific technologies & databases that are choosen for developing the project.
  • QA – Experienced & expert in testing for iOS Apps, Andorid Apps and Backend APIs. This will ensure that bugs are identified & fixed before apps are launched

3. Not every designer can do UI/UX for Mobile Apps

UI/UX is the most critical factor deciding the acceptance of the mobile app among the users. Based on the OS(iOS/Android), device (phone, tablet or smart watch), screen size, there are plenty of things to be considered such as layout, ease of use, look and feel etc.

Synclovis -  UI/UX for Mobile Apps

It is not only creativity and overall designing experience that matters, but hands on experience in designing multiple mobile app interfaces. The way the buttons are placed, the consistency of the design elements like font, color, iconography etc. will be depending on the level of mobile specific expertise of the designer.

If you require a great interface, and a pixel perfect output, it is advisable to outsource the mobile design work to an excellent design studio that has a great mobile app designing experience. The development and design are very closely associated, and it is better if you can engage a mobile app development company, with an in-house design studio.

4. Great Savings: Cost & Time

I have already mentioned about the ideal team you would require to build a mobile application. It is also clear that each of the team members must have specific mobile app technology experience.

What would be the cost that you will incur if you on-board all these highly paid professionals in-house? How much time you would probably need to find the right talent with experience in a similar project that of yours?

Definitely – VERY HIGH!

This is exactly where outsourcing will help. When outsourcing, you are engaging a team with a great mobile app expertise and experience, and that too in a time frame of a couple of weeks or less. The design and development team that is located offshore can help you in saving your costs up to 40-50% straight away, without making any compromise on the quality.

5. Less Risks and more Likelihood of Success

When you outsource your work to an experienced Mobile app development company, you are reducing your risks involved in development due to following reasons:

  • The team will be having very specific experience in mobile app development and knows in and out of mobile app technologies
  • The roles are already defined within the team, and they have been working together for many projects
  • They have come across most of the challenges and have experience in solving them
  • They know all the pitfalls in mobile app development and always proact to avoid them
  • There is a dedicated project manager to take accountability
  • There is a commitment from a company to deliver the app according to the expectations

Let me put it across in another word. A good mobile app development company will have an expert team of chefs who cook perfect mobile apps. They know each ingredient of it, and how to prepare it perfectly, from their experiences of past many years of cooking these dishes. When you cook it for the first time, what is the probability that it would turn out to be as good as the Chef’s special?

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