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Problem Domain

Our client is a very experienced professional in the medical industry. They came up with an idea to provide access to quality health information to every individual, even in the most remote regions of our country through mobile and web.

They started with the web first and then realized that mobile apps are the best way to reach more people. The requirement was to create an Android & an iOS app which normal people can see health related articles, videos and, health forums for patients to connect with others and experienced doctors.



Synclovis has recognized the client requirement and allocated team for the development of both Android & iOS version. Our team studied and analysed the requirement and designed the solution. Our team has also suggested latest design trends like the material design, material animations etc. Our team rolled out the first version of both Android and iOS app in 3 months.

Few challenges and Solutions offered:

Playing doctor videos online

Playing doctor videos online

Stream doctor videos without losing the quality. The quality of the video should change based on the user internet connectivity. App must be capable of handling the quality of the stream based on the internet speed.

Multilingual support with translation and speech

Multilingual support with translation and speech

The app supports a feature where the user can translate the health information to their local language. Also, the app must have the facility to speak (app should speak) the health information in selected language.

Developing forum with comments and replies

Developing forum with comments and replies

Handling comments, replies and reply of replies (UI challenge).

We have overcome all the challenges. For the handling of the quality of video based on internet speed, we enhanced the streaming techniques along with the support of Akamai video hosting provider. We adjusted the bitrate for seamless streaming of video.

For the multilingual support and text speech features, we used google translator and speech APIs and changed it based on our requirement.

Technologies Used