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Problem Domain

Our Client is a Newyork based Entrepreneur who had a very good idea of leveraging social media influence to promote products using Customer advocacy in Shopify platform. His objective is to increase sales for Shopify partners and create monetization model for consumers who promote the used products in social media. Before approaching us he went to well-known vendor to get this product out and he was almost decided to wind up this project due to insufficient support from them.


When he approached us, We have understood his mission and challenges on getting the MVP version. We had a preliminary discussion to roll out MVP version 1.0 in iPhone platform in 3 months time period.

We have assigned a dedicated team of Developers and QA to work closely with Customer and Backend developer to work on this project. The key features covered in the App for 1.0 includes Social Login, Retailers List, Hypes done list, Rewards earned and Request Withdrawal. Shopify partners who wish to be in inflooense platform will get listed so they can directly sell from here and also indicates to Shopify consumers which store products are available for hypes. Consumers can create hypes by uploading a picture wearing it and provide a few line description of their experience and share it with social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When anyone of their friends purchases the same product use these links then they will get reward points. The accumulation of reward points can be converted into US Dollars and that can be redeemed and transferred into your account.

We have delivered Beta release in 2.5 months time and appstore approved build in exactly 3 month duration. Client has appreciated the way we collaborated with them in their time zone to complete this project and quality of the deliverables.

Few challenges and Solutions offered:

Social media integration for iOS 11 – We faced few challenges when the app during
the development has to be migrated from iOS 10 to iOS 11. Apple removed social
accounts from settings of iOS 11. As we were using default settings information of facebook and twitter for signup/sign-in process and due to the removal of settings from
iOS 11, we removed the entire process. For Facebook integration, we used FB SDK and Graph APIs, and completely changed the entire flow including the share operation inside the app. For Twitter, we chose the OAuth way to integrate it.

App Link: Click Here.


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