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About Us

Who We Are?

We are Synclovis Systems Pvt. Ltd, custom mobile, web and cloud development company based in Electronic City, Bangalore. We are a team of very experienced Product Managers, Architects, Developers and Designers driven by passion and focus to produce iconic results. We are mainly into the design and development of custom Mobile Apps, Gaming Apps, Web Apps and Mac OS X apps.

Our team consists of some of the best guys in this space and as a team we have an experience of designing and developing more than 250+ apps. As a team, we have experience delivering compelling solutions for companies like Fynd, Landmark, Relatas, Modasta etc.

What Synclovis Means?

Synclovis means bringing group of extraordinary people together to achieve greatest goals. Word is derived from Sync and Clovis where “Sync” means synchronize i.e. have two or more things in harmony with each other and “Clovis”

In France and America it means “name of a king” and in German and Latin it means “Renowned Fighter” i.e. People who are competent, practical and have strong passion and focus to achieve great dreams. Synclovis is a team of extraordinary people driven by passion with a focus to produce iconic results!

What We Do?

Synclovis is expert in delivering Next generation IT services and solutions to our Global Customers. We are experts in Mobile, Web Apps development, Enterprise mobility, eCommerce Solutions and Cloud services. We have dedicated team working on products in Education sector with an intent to help Digital Revolution and Skills development.

We have incubated Product Development services for few of our Clients helping them making their initial phase of Product Journey much easier. We have passionate Design Geeks focused on developing and User Centric / Experience based Designs for our Customers.